Mayor Slay Takes a Swing at the Kickball Issue

A couple of weeks ago we took a few shots at the people running and living near Tower Grove park that got together to give the boot to one of the kickball leagues.

Tower Grove park should not be caving to some stuck-up park adjacent people who just want to have a quiet weekend. You bought a house by a park! In the middle of a city! … Having a bunch of people hanging out in the city each weekend is exactly what this city needs mor of! Of course some of those people will be dipshits. It happens when you get any group of people around that size, but it’s not worth shooting your neighborhood in the foot just because some asshole puked on your flowers once. Last time we checked, there were plenty of drunken assholes at Cardinal games, but no one’s saying we should move those out to the county so they don’t ruin anyone’s weekend.

Now lets all welcome someone fashionably late to the party to weigh in on this fight: Mayor Slay everyone!

I have received several (OK, exactly 3) emails from members of a kickball league recently kicked out of Tower Grove Park following what the park’s director described as a continuing run of bad behavior by some teams or team members.

TGP is an interesting entity. It is governed by a Board of Commissioners appointed under the authority of the Supreme Court of the State of Missouri. The commission sets its rules. I had nothing to do with the decision to ban the kickballers. And I am not going to intervene or mediate the issue. However, were I an organizer of that particular kickball league and I wanted to return to the park some day, I think I might start off by apologizing to the park’s commissioners and to the neighbors for behaviors by some people that ruined the experience of many others. Then, I might propose some new league rules and procedures, including some penalties for intolerable behavior, that might assuage managers’ and neighbors’ concerns.

One time I pooped so much the pile poked out of the top of the toilet water.

That is how little I care about this story right now.