The Onion’s Take on the Hipster Kickball Teams is Pretty Dead On

We missed it when it was originally published, but The Onion, the hugely popular fake news site, printed a surprisingly on point send up of the Tower Grove kickball leagues. Bar Owner Cannot Fucking Believe He Actually Sponsored An Adult Kickball Team The team, known as the Ballbusters, is a group of grown men and women from Trimble’s neighborhood who play competitive kickball matches against other area teams of grown men and women on Sunday afternoons in Tower Grove Park. [Read More]

St. Louis Pride Parade 2012

Update: Video embed fixed.

We, like thousands of others, took in the 2012 edition of the St. Louis Pride Parade Sunday. As always, the parade was entertaining as ever, but the unofficial theme of the parade might well have been “Too Much of a Good Thing” as the parade stretched on well past 2 hours in length. By 2pm most of the crowd had started to shift in to the park, any only a few people, including the little guy with the meth-teeth who tried to pick a fight with us over…well we still aren’t sure, hung around taking photos of the umpteenth political campaign handing out little wastes of money. Of course, while the parade was crazy long, the reason it was long was worth the sunburn: Lots of groups wanted to show their support for the Pride Day message, and that’s great. We have a little slide show with the full parade (in 3 minutes!) and after the jump, we have a few of our favorite shots from the day which have been laid out in a nice, non-stupid ass slideshow format that everyone else does:

Click through the jump to see the best shots of the day!

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Mayor Slay Takes a Swing at the Kickball Issue

A couple of weeks ago we took a few shots at the people running and living near Tower Grove park that got together to give the boot to one of the kickball leagues. Tower Grove park should not be caving to some stuck-up park adjacent people who just want to have a quiet weekend. You bought a house by a park! In the middle of a city! … Having a bunch of people hanging out in the city each weekend is exactly what this city needs morhttp://www. [Read More]

If You Can Kick a Ball, You Can Get Kicked Out of Tower Grove Park

We’re pretty much the last ones to this party, but one of the Kickball Leagues (the one on the Magnolia side) has been asked to leave Tower Grove Park and play somewhere else after reports of abusive language, public urination, nudity, and disrespect for park rangers, which by the way describes all of St. Louis. Tower Grove Park Director John Karel said the park tried to accommodate the league’s penchant for lewd behavior and alcohol consumption, but had reached a breaking point. [Read More]

Lets Go to the Park…What the Hell? Is that a Coyote?!

Tower Grove Park has a new resident: A Coyote The coyote, which is about the size of a medium-sized dog with tan and brown fur, probably has been living on squirrels and possibly wandering into nearby residential neighborhoods in search of food, he said. On Monday afternoon, as people walked and jogged around the park, he could be seen walking around as well, easy to see with newly fallen snow. His ears appeared a bit scared and his tail was thin. [Read More]