Lets Go to the Park…What the Hell? Is that a Coyote?!

Tower Grove Park has a new resident: A Coyote

The coyote, which is about the size of a medium-sized dog with tan and brown fur, probably has been living on squirrels and possibly wandering into nearby residential neighborhoods in search of food, he said.

On Monday afternoon, as people walked and jogged around the park, he could be seen walking around as well, easy to see with newly fallen snow. His ears appeared a bit scared and his tail was thin.

Those of you living in South City, do the wildlife a favor and leave some raw meat, small dog, or your youngest born out on your porch tonight.

[Park officials] don’t think the animal poses any threat to people. The animal doesn’t approach people and moves away from them when they get closer, he said.

No word yet if the Coyote is actually just a homeless midget that has turned ferrel.

via Globe Democrat