Globe Democrat Steps in it Again: Howard Balzer Jumps the Gun

For the second time in the last few weeks the Globe Democrat, St. Louis’ newest (but also totally old) news source, has made themselves look a little silly.

First there was their public tiff with Post Dispatch sports columnist Bernie Miklasz that columnated in an “Why is everyone always picking on me?” post from their sports editor…you know because guys that did nothing wrong always have to explain themselves…

Then today, the very Globe Democrat reporter that came in second place to Miklasz in the “Who is buying the Rams” sweepstakes stepped in it again.  Way to go annoying radio voice, and overly inflated talking head Howard Balzer!

Like most things these days, all the action happened over Twitter.

Step One: Say something that everyone is going to go crazy about but still really vague:

Woah!  Huge scoop there Balzer!  Everyone wants to see Bulger lose his horns, and this is huge.  There is one little detail though… (thanks to Bernie)

Well either the Rams let go of a whole lot of players today, or Balzer jumped the gun.  Lets see how he covers his bearded ass on this one…

Um, ok.  So why did the other 59 guys pack up?  Because they did expect to get back?  Nice try.

In other news, Steven Jackson blew his nose and Coach Spags took a dump.  Interpet those as you wish.