Mayor Slay Gets in to the Sports Reporting Business

Last Wednesday our honorable Mayor Francis Slay, took to his blogand proceeded to, out of nowhere, dick-punch former Rams owner-in-waiting Shahid Khan by backing the “familiar face” of Stan Kroenke. Two potential new majority owners have emerged. One is a familiar billionaire face [Stan Kroenke] with generally unknown, but demonstrably successful, views. The other [Shahid Khan] is an unfamiliar very, very rich face with widely known, but generally untested, views. [Read More]

El Hombre Doesn’t Understand How Nicknames Work

According to Bernie Miklasz, Pujols has told the media and the fans to stop calling him “El Hombre” because of possible disrespect to Cardinal great Stan Musial. “I don’t want to be called that,” Pujols said. “There is one man that gets that respect, and that’s Stan Musial. He’s the Man. He’s the Man in St. Louis. And I know ‘El Hombre’ means ‘The Man’ in Spanish. But Stan is The Man. [Read More]

Globe Democrat Steps in it Again: Howard Balzer Jumps the Gun

For the second time in the last few weeks the Globe Democrat, St. Louis’ newest (but also totally old) news source, has made themselves look a little silly. First there was their public tiff with Post Dispatch sports columnist Bernie Miklaszthat columnated in an “Why is everyone always picking on me?” post from their sports editor…you know because guys that did nothing wrong always have to explain themselves… Then today, the very Globe Democrat reporter that came in second place to Miklasz in the “Who is buying the Rams” sweepstakes stepped in it again. [Read More]

Bernie vs Fox 2 and the Globe Democrat

Late last night the iconic St. Louis sports reporter, Bernie Miklasz broke the story that the Rams are to be purchased by a relatively late-comer to the Rams sweepstakes: Illinois businessman Shahid Khan. Awesome! Big story! …however all was not right. As the racists came out of the woodwork to comment horrible things about the likely new Rams owner on the comments section, a Thursday war of words between the media was brewing. [Read More]

Would You Want Mike Martz to Come Back to the Rams?

One of Punching Kitty’s favorite sports columnists, Bernie Miklasz, has a great article upon about former Rams coach and perennial news lightning rod Mike Martz. After stops in Detroit and San Francisco, Mad Mike is cooling his x and o’s marker as a TV analysts, but he clearly still yearns for a coaching job. Martz, 58, hopes for a second chance at being a head coach, or even a coordinator, but recognizes the trends work against him. [Read More]