Globe Democrat: Running a Paper is Great When You Don’t Pay Anyone

The Associated Pressas well as our friends at the Riverfront Timesand STLMediaare all reporting that St. Louis’ newest media entrant, the Globe Democrat, is losing their sports staff. “Why?” You ask, tilting your head slightly to the right like a little puppy. Well dear reader, when you don’t pay your employees, they tend to hate your guts and then usually choose to stop working for you. Sports editor Rob Rains announced Tuesday the entire sports staff of Globe-Democrat. [Read More]

Bernie vs Fox 2 and the Globe Democrat

Late last night the iconic St. Louis sports reporter, Bernie Miklasz broke the story that the Rams are to be purchased by a relatively late-comer to the Rams sweepstakes: Illinois businessman Shahid Khan. Awesome! Big story! …however all was not right. As the racists came out of the woodwork to comment horrible things about the likely new Rams owner on the comments section, a Thursday war of words between the media was brewing. [Read More]