Globe Democrat: Running a Paper is Great When You Don’t Pay Anyone

The Associated Pressas well as our friends at the Riverfront Timesand STLMediaare all reporting that St. Louis’ newest media entrant, the Globe Democrat, is losing their sports staff. “Why?” You ask, tilting your head slightly to the right like a little puppy. Well dear reader, when you don’t pay your employees, they tend to hate your guts and then usually choose to stop working for you. Sports editor Rob Rains announced Tuesday the entire sports staff of Globe-Democrat. [Read More]

Globe Democrat: We’re Doing Fine, But Laying Off People Anyway

We got an anonymous tip last night that succinctly read: Globe Democrat laid off all employees because it ran out of money. Hmm. Well the site is still up, and according to the St. Louis Beacon, the Globe Democrat has laid off three reporters and is “refocusing” on only certain sections of news. Namely sports and local politics. The Beacon reported: Dan Rositano, who resurrected the Globe-Democrat name and began publishing the news website on Dec. [Read More]

Globe Democrat Steps in it Again: Howard Balzer Jumps the Gun

For the second time in the last few weeks the Globe Democrat, St. Louis’ newest (but also totally old) news source, has made themselves look a little silly. First there was their public tiff with Post Dispatch sports columnist Bernie Miklaszthat columnated in an “Why is everyone always picking on me?” post from their sports editor…you know because guys that did nothing wrong always have to explain themselves… Then today, the very Globe Democrat reporter that came in second place to Miklasz in the “Who is buying the Rams” sweepstakes stepped in it again. [Read More]

Globe-Democrat: You Can’t Sell Out if You Start off That Way!

We have a little game for you today! Below is a screenshot we took last night of a St. Louis media website. Assuming you’ve never heard of either of the names on the picture below, what would you guess the name of this site was? Here are you choices: a) “The Toshiba website sponsored by St. Louis Globe-Democrat” b) “Toshiba website sponsored by nothing…all I see is Toshiba.” c) “I have no idea what that dead hooker is doing in my trunk officer, but I do know she looks like that girl from high school that dumped me and totally would deserve the beating from someone that’s not me and put her in my trunk probably because our cars look alike or something. [Read More]

St. Louis Globe-Democrat Launches

That “other” St. Louis newspaper that closed its doors in 1986, before newspapers closing their doors was all the rage, is back…as a website. Things looks good so far, and I really hope they do well since we need another strong news source in this town, but I do have a few questions: 1. They do know that their website doesn’t have to just look like a boring old newspaper right? [Read More]