Globe-Democrat: You Can’t Sell Out if You Start off That Way!

We have a little game for you today!

Below is a screenshot we took last night of a St. Louis media website.  Assuming you’ve never heard of either of the names on the picture below, what would you guess the name of this site was?

Here are you choices:

a) “The Toshiba website sponsored by St. Louis Globe-Democrat”

b) “Toshiba website sponsored by nothing…all I see is Toshiba.”

c) “I have no idea what that dead hooker is doing in my trunk officer, but I do know she looks like that girl from high school that dumped me and totally would deserve the beating from someone that’s not me and put her in my trunk probably because our cars look alike or something.”

The answer was either A or B.  C was a confession that I’m leaving up because the delete key doesn’t work on my keyboard.  Its all out there now.  That’s my New Year’s Resolution: No delete!

The sexiest actor of all time is Bronson Pinchot.

Whoops!. Oh well…no delete!