Stupid Cardinal Player Nicknames: Our Best Chris Berman Imitation

1. Albert “I’m playing like Poo” jols 2. Daniel De…”…uh…hold on, give me a second…shoot. I got nothin’.” scalso 3. Yadi “I sure could use a few Mo hits” lina 4. David “I better Freese because if I move I hurt myself” 5. Adam “Back in high school there was this guy named Wain. He was a pretty good guy, seemed nice enough, though I never really hung out with him much, and I’m pretty sure he was kinda stupid. [Read More]

El Hombre Doesn’t Understand How Nicknames Work

According to Bernie Miklasz, Pujols has told the media and the fans to stop calling him “El Hombre” because of possible disrespect to Cardinal great Stan Musial. “I don’t want to be called that,” Pujols said. “There is one man that gets that respect, and that’s Stan Musial. He’s the Man. He’s the Man in St. Louis. And I know ‘El Hombre’ means ‘The Man’ in Spanish. But Stan is The Man. [Read More]