Stupid Cardinal Player Nicknames: Our Best Chris Berman Imitation

1. Albert “I’m playing like Poo” jols

2. Daniel De…”…uh…hold on, give me a second…shoot. I got nothin’.” scalso

3. Yadi “I sure could use a few Mo hits” lina

4. David “I better Freese because if I move I hurt myself”

5. Adam “Back in high school there was this guy named Wain. He was a pretty good guy, seemed nice enough, though I never really hung out with him much, and I’m pretty sure he was kinda stupid. I think he went in to the Army or something and I actually don’t remember him at graduation now that I think about it. So long story short, I heard a few years back that he got in some accident and it was in the paper and my mom was like ‘Don’t you know this guy?” and I was like ‘Yeah.’ and then she was like he was like “You guy’s always hung out right?” and, you know mom’s, I’m all like “No!”. I never did hear, but I’m sure he’s all” wright “Oh, yeah he played baseball.”