Guy Craps Himself at Brentwood Bar

We received a hot…well maybe we should call it “warm”…tip from one of our readers that witnessed a grown man crapping his pants at a bar, as in, in public, as in, running down his leg while he tried to casually walk over to the john. Too bad the men’s room doesn’t usually have those pull down changing tables.

I was at Double D’s Lounge on Brentwood saturday. A dude in his twenties proceeded to poop his pants, leaving a trail of doody into the men’s restroom. I heard he was nice enough to leave his poopy drawers in the bathroom. I saw him standing outside with poop on his leg.

I know no one likes to pop a squat in a public place, but maybe this may not have been a “I’ll hold it until we get home” type situation looking back on it. If only we had a photo of the _poop_etrator so that people could say “I know that dude!”. Wait, what’s this? Mr. Blockquote has something to say!

It was dark so picture isn’t the best. but on his left calf you can see a dark spot. thats poop.

You know its weird, but looking at this photo, I only see one poopy and one non-poopy calf with feet. I don’t see anything from the where the knees would be up…oh! Camo pants. Damn shame those are ruined because those things work great. Totally blend right in. One time I thought I saw a guy with the top of his head chopped off, freaked me out man. Long story short…snow camo bandana thing.  Also, when someone tells  you they aren’t a zombie you should stop hitting them with your shovel.

bar  camo  pants  poop  sighting