Jefferson County Beaches Are Crappy

A Jefferson County beach is being investigated by the Department of Natural Resources because there’s just too much shit in the water. No, that’s not a shot, there is seriously a bunch of shit floating around. Like poop.

During a regular inspection, staff found a substantial amount of waste water sludge in a backwater pool where the facility discharges its treated waste water. The inspector discovered the discharge site full of sewage. Floating pieces of sludge were seen breaking off and flowing into Big River. The discharge site is located across from the Rockford Beach Park fishing and swimming area.

When asked how long the Jefferson County people should stay away, County officials said “Depends how long you want to not be swimming. It’s still the best beach we have.” Good point, and it’s not the first time the county has had to deal with this kind of issue. For three years their best McDonalds was actually a meth lab.

via KMOV