KSDK Reporter Toots Own Horn…We Hear You! Stop Now!

Short version: KSDK reporter Frank Wiley was on assignment and saw someone with a flat tire. He helped them out. Lets all congratulate Wiley on winning the “Way to Not Be A Dick! What Do You Want a Cookie Now?!” Award that KSDK is intent on giving him.

Lets run KSDK’s “story” about the amazing events through our translate-o-tron 3000 here at Punching Kitty HQ:

It’s not really news,

Good, we agree on something.

…but we wanted to applaud the work of our colleague, reporter Frank Wiley.

We filmed it too. Our boss hopes this is a tax write-off.

Frank took time from his hectic day to rush to the aid of a woman in a Manchester neighborhood who had a flat tire on her SUV.

Frank wasn’t an asshole and helped a completely non-threatening soccer mom with a flat tire. He jumped over 10 line-up homeless guys to “rush to her aid” too! It was amazing!

Even though he was wearing a dress shirt and tie, Frank wasn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get a little dirty to help the woman get her tire changed and be on her way.

By that we mean he literally rolled up his sleeves. It’s not a euphemism for something much more difficult. All he really did was roll his sleeves up.

Way to go Frank!

God August is boring.