The Fox Theatre Burns, 2/8ths of the Fabulous Lost in Fire

Those a full two alarms less hot than my crazy uncle’s favorite chili, a three-alarm fire made fire trucks rush to the Fox Theatre and forced them to cancel the two Jersey Boys shows scheduled for that night. We assume the Sunday fire was a dry run, but the fire planned on June 21st to finally burn a little off the top of Lyle Lovett will be the real deal as we can’t figure out another reason to invite Lyle Lovett to town.

Most of the damage was confined to the lobby area, although there was smoke throughout the building.

“In the auditorium itself, where the public would view shows, there’s smoke banked in all the way down to the stage and the orchestra pit,” Sutter said.

By Sunday afternoon, the smoke was gone, but it was clear to Fox officials that they’d have to cancel Sunday’s performances.

Restoration crews are already on the scene to replace the formally fabulous burned up parts with putty and fabulous paint jobs that hopefully match. But that doesn’t matter, what matter is whether or not City Diner waitress Virginia will pull in her usual amount of tips this week.

Next door at the City Diner, employees are hoping everything will be ready to go by then.

“We just hope the Fox is okay and we can have the shows,” said waitress Virginia Cliff.  “We do really well when we have them.”

If you had tickets to either of the two Sunday Jersey Boys shows you can call the box office for replacement tickets to any of the other 16 shows, or you can see if they’ll let you go see it in Las Vegas instead…they probably won’t be down for that, but the upside is you’ll be able to cram a slinger down your throat and tip Virginia heavily after the show at the City Diner.

via KSDK