It’s Raining Homeless Children in St. Louis

A 3-year-old boy bouncing on a fourth-floor bed of a homeless bounced himself right out the window, landing on second floor deck roof and somehow escaped serious harm. Turns out all our mothers were right, you should totally not bounce on the bed. We hate when she’s right! We’re suddenly very aware of the amount of hairs growing on our palms.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the boy was bouncing on a bed Wednesday night at the Gateway 180 shelter when he fell through an open window. He landed on a roof deck of the second floor and escaped serious injury. He spent the night at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital as a precaution.

The shelter’s leaders say they’re contacting the company that installed the windows to see if something can be done to improve safety.

  1. Shut the damn windows.

  2. Watch your kids. (It’s not like you have a job.)

Don’t bother getting a hold of the window company.