Tony Returns to Cardinals Bench

In a triumphant return, Popeye Tony LaRussa reclaimed the bench and got the Cardinals back to their winning ways after getting swept by the hated Reds.

In fact, much like Popeye, Tony’s brother in squinty-eyed  face grimacing, he too suffers from the awesome problem of just being to damn tough!

La Russa, after joking before the game that “I’ve been on vacation,” said, “The biggest mistake I made was in not treating the pain. I went through all that agony for nothing – just to prolong this stuff. I wished I’d taken the pain medicine sooner. I wasted a month.”

La Russa said he had feared there would be side effects and drowsiness if he took pain medicine and he had said, “You take one and then take two and take three. … I said I didn’t want to do that. I don’t like taking medicine anyway.

Well what do you know? Tony was a badass but then after something had him feeling a little weak, he popped some spinach (pills) and he’s right back in business, comically punching opposing baseball teams. All it took was one squinty eye for us to realize how similar Tony and Popeye have always been.

Hell, with forearms like that, Popeye looks like he played a stretch with the Oakland A’s on Dave McKay’s “conditioning” program.

via STLToday