Hey Man What Happened To Your Mobile Meth Lab?!

The thing about mobile meth labs is that, like all meth labs, they can catch on fire, only your seat belted to this one.

A van laden with a meth factory ignited and was quickly engulfed in flames while traveling down a Jefferson County road. Jefferson County?! I know we were shocked too. Not really. These “mobile meth labs” are the like the ice cream man down there.

The only person believed to have been in the vehicle, a 42-year-old man, was rushed to the hospital. Shortly after the fire was put out, narcotics investigators were called to the scene.

“We did confirm there were chemicals associated with making meth and we did find further evidence to support that but this is an ongoing investigation at this time so little information can be released on it,” said Cpl. Gerald Williams, spokesman for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

The cops can’t say much more, but there are charges already pending on the little hoosier briquette who is currently in the hospital.

Police are now focused on collecting more evidence while shooing away meth-heads trying to snort the ashes.

via KSDK