Midtown Apartment Building Burns Again

Midtown Apartment Building Burns Again

That fairly new apartment complex in midtown off of Lindell by Vandeventer were set ablaze last night…again. The same area burnt to the ground a few years back during the construction of the buildings that burnt tonight. This though, the neighboring Arby’s appears to have been saved.

KMOX’s Michael Calhoun (@michaelcalhoun) spent his night taking photos and being at the center of what the local Twitter hivemind called “#FireinMidtown” (Eh. It’s a little derivative, but not bad as far as names of stuff goes). Here’s a few of his shots:

A horrible scene.

…and all the while the fine people working the McDonalds across the street were just thinking: Man this would be a lot more awkward if we were a Burger King…

via KMOX and @michaelcalhoun