Belleville Woman Calls 911 Because Her Husband Took Her Beer

Belleville Woman Calls 911 Because Her Husband Took Her Beer

The Belleville police department’s switch board was lighting up yesterday, all from one woman who just really needed her beer back. Emergencies are subjective!

Police say 36-year-old Shannon White dialed 911 several times on Saturday around 8:30 p.m. to complain her boyfriend would not allow her to drink more beer.

“Tonight he took away my beer and I want to drink some beer, and he took away my beer,” White said on one of the calls.

Shortly after 11p the calls stopped, but the BPD wasn’t done. They issued her a sommons to appear in court for disorderly conduct.

It’s easy to scoff, but we’ve all been there haven’t we? There’s been a time or two when you wanted to call 911 on a situation that might technically have been considered an “emergency”, it was plenty important to you, right? Lets share them! …ok, we’ll go first. You ever see something a think: “I wonder if our sexy parts would fit in there?” well we do and then shortly after we really really want to call 911. Not because we’re stuck or anything, just to tell them that we found something else it fits in. Someone should know, and they probably have something to write with.

via KMOV