The Buck’s Roof Roof Roof is on Fire!

A fire ravaged the house of Carole Buck, wife of the late Cardinals broadcaster Jack Buck, and mother to current broadcaster Joe Buck yesterday in Ladue.  Though the cause is not known at this time, they do know that many of the family’s baseball collectables were damaged.


The fire clearly did a lot of damage as you can see from the photo above, but its confusing thing is that it was only rated as a two-alarm fire.  We’ve had chili hotter than that!  Maybe it was a crapy house.

According to the Post Dispatch the armada of Fire Trucks may have had a little trouble getting to the Buck home:

More than a half dozen departments were called to help fight the blaze. Fire officials reported having trouble accessing enough hydrants and getting firetrucks to the scene because the street is relatively short and narrow. The street has about 15 homes and it dead-ends in a T, with two cul-de-sacs.

No one stopped to think that the trouble was because they had 6 department’s worth of fire trucks there.

One firefighter followed up by adding: “Yeah, we pulled all six local departments here.  It was a big fire…and also, we are talking about the Buck’s!  Sure, a low-income apartment building burned to the ground, but what are the odds we can find something in that rubble to sell on EBay?  None.”

Yes, I’m joking.