Is the Mayor Starting a Rams Riot?

A recent tweet from St. Louis Mayor, Francis Slay:

slay_rams_meetingWhat exactly is he planning here?  He didn’t say “BYO torches and pitchforks” and the city doesn’t have any money to provide us with some, so I’m guessing its not the old fashion lynch mob this sounds like it might have been.

Pause for betting time!  What’s the over/under on worn out #13 Kurt Warner jersey doing a bad job of covering a hairy back at this little get together?

The mayor is right though, local support does matter, but also, having the Rams giving a crap enough to put a team out there that can win a few games would help too.

Anyone planning on heading down there?  Feel like taking some photos for us?  We don’t have the time to get to all these little things, but we would love to have a Punching Kitty presence!  Hit me up at editor[at]punchingkitty[dot]com