St. Louis County People Kill Each Other Less Than Last Year

Through 2009 so far, the amount of all violent crimes have gone down 20% in St. Louis County according to this STLToday article.  No word yet if there was also 20% less beer purchased as well.

Areas patrolled by St. Louis County police are experiencing a dramatic drop in crime compared to a year ago, with all major categories down significantly through the first half of 2009, officials said.

County police report that murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, car theft and arsons all are down compared to the same period of 2008.

Alright guys!  Good job out there!  How’d the city do?

In the city of St. Louis, officials said reports on crime are mixed through six months. Crimes against people — such as robbery and assaults with guns — are up, with the notable exception of murders, which are down. Burglaries, larcenies, auto thefts and arsons are all down this year, according to the St. Louis police.

…dammit.  At least murders and arsons are down.  Of course if we could just figure out a way to cut the north half of our fair city off we’d be good…Albuquerque good!  Just take a look at the 2009 Murder map from STLToday below:


You’re really dragging us down North St. Louis.  Hey, how did we break East St. Louis away to something separate?  Think we can dust off that plan?