A Fun Night in the Cat Box

504x_Billy_Mays_WhatOdorWe love a good cat box story here at Punching Kitty.com, here’s one from Craigslist:

cat box? – w4m – 22 (tulsa, ok)

i was once in your cat box. it was tight, i could barely get my finger in, and i might have scratched you on the way out. i miss it. reply if this is you.

Wait.  Why would you ever want to put your finger in a cat box? …oh wait.  I don’t think we are talking about the same kind of “cat box.”

The hidden gem of this “Missed Connection” though?  The guy was pawing all over someone’s “cat box”, enough to possibly scratch them, but yet he’s searching for her contact information on Craigslist?

Unlike most “cat boxes,”  that one sounds pretty loose…but just like other “cat boxes” I’m guessing it smells pretty bad.

[Editor’s Note: If you can’t tell, that photo above is the late, great Billy Mays smelling a cat box.]