Finding Things in the Weather Radar is Fun

It’s about the time of year when everyone in St. Louis pretends we are actually in New Mexico and begins to freak out about any nominal snow fall. “Oh no! Snow is coming! Who would have predicted 3 inches of snow in January?!” It’s even worse after the whole New Year’s Eve deal, which turned the St. Louis area population in to a bunch of cave people (ok, some of them were pretty close already) scared of anything with the word “storm” in it as though the weather gods are out to get us.

Now which on of our local news stations would want to capitalize on this “severe weather”? If you answered “All of them.” fair point, but we both know who the king of this game is: KSDK. They had the “Severe Weather” banner hanging all night. Even dropped the weather radar right there on the home page.

As we stared in to that map last night thinking about whether or not to write about the next in the annual series of winter weather storms, we started to see things in that weather radar map….like a bird. See it?

There it is! Ok, this is fun. What else can we see? …mmmm a guy on a horse!

We didn’t say he was a pretty man, but you see it right? What else…what else…

Oh my god. Totally! How did we not see this one first!

Reginald VelJohnson, the dad on Family Matters (and cop from Die Hard)!

Weather is awesome! Never mind how we usually complain that something like weather that can be easily explained to the viewer with a simple graphic and doesn’t need a 10 minute explanation about cold fronts or El Ninos. Waste all the time you want when talking about the great Reginald VelJohnson snow storm of 2011.

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