What Do You Do When the Cops Reach in Your Window For Your Drugs?

A high-speed chase started in the city, ended with a traffic accident in Webster Groves, and all started when a police officer thought he saw drugs in use in a car, reached in the window to get them and the suspect…rolled the window up on his arm!

Balls. Giant balls.

Police say it began around 3 p.m. at the intersection of Minerva and Union when an officer saw what he thought were drugs inside a vehicle. When he reached inside the car, the driver rolled up the window on the officer’s arm, then drove off dragging him down the street.

The officer freed himself and the driver kept going.

St. Louis’ transition from normal city to real-life Bad Boys sequel was nearly complete already, and now we have drug users dragging policemen by the arm down the street. The officer is being treated for injuries to his arm and torso, but we bet he’ll be good to go for the next scene, ready for revenge, except his all-too-stern captain is trying to take him off the case! “No way, this is my bust!” he’ll say, “If you won’t let me do my job, then here’s my badge.” So he strikes out on his own to find the guy that drug him down the street, and his boss who killed his old partner a few year ago just days before he was supposed to retire from the force. He’ll get his man, but not before blowing some stuff up and losing his shirt just before a final confrontation that ends with him knocking the guy out just as the other cops arrive…wait no! He’s awake and has a gun! Oh good, you shot him just in time. “You crazy son of a bitch. Take your badge back before this is considered murder!” “Ha ha ha ha!”…jump in the air freeze frame!

Throw in a big heroin heist and Tea Leoni and I think we’ve got something here. Hell, shave his head and Martin Lawrence could even play St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom!

via KSDK