Tweet Commentary From the Cardinals World Champions Parade and Celebration

Tweet Commentary From the Cardinals World Champions Parade and Celebration


As with the majority of the Cardinals’ playoff games, our fearless editor took to Twitter to comment on the Cardinals World Series Champion parade and Busch Stadium event. If you already follow @mikeflynn_ then you have no doubt already seen this, but others that missed it because they are too “emo” for Twitter have asked for a way to check it out so here, for posterity sake, is the annotated timeline with a few retweets mixed in from others.

**@mikeflynn_: **I guess I won’t be at Busch for the celebration. Couldn’t find a parking spot closer than my house and Robin doesn’t feel well anyway. #lame

**@mikeflynn_: **Parades don’t need commentators.

@mikeflynn_:“88 years young…” Get it?! Because people usually say “old”. Fox2 sucks at this so hard.

**@mikeflynn_:**Jon Jay’s index finger is wilting.

**@mikeflynn_: **Maybe me watching the parade at home commenting via Twitter is poetic as I didn’t get to go to a game all year, live tweeting instead.

**@mikeflynn_: **Fox2’s anchoring trying to talk about sports is so freaking horrible the entertainment value is growing on me. “There’s Yadi…the catcher.”

@mikeflynn_: Oh look there’s Theriot. …everyone wait for him to fall off the truck. Don’t worry Frucal will come by and help him out later.

@mikeflynn_: McGwire is taking photos with his iPad…why not? [Reference Pic via]

**@mikeflynn_: **Chris Carpenter is really excited as his arm hasn’t fallen off yet. Saving that for Spring Training I would assume.

**@mikeflynn_: **Lance Lynn is out now…Motte was scheduled to be in that truck originally, but well…you know.

@mikeflynn_: Fox2 is really obsessed with the “team effort” idea, which is special because one really good player is usually all teams need. Right A-Rod?

**@mikeflynn_: **Ok, so which player will drop an F-Bomb over the stadium mic? Jay’s got a shot, but my money’s on Motte.

**@mikeflynn_: **Parade security should be on the lookout for Rams players trying to sneak in and pretend people like them (yes I know they won today)

**@ericasmith: **“This is a happy parade.” #sigh

**@mikeflynn_: **Tom O’Neal is really missing the teleprompter right now. He’s dropped about 100 “ugh”s so far. #fox2

@mattsebek: Cardinals broadcasting car just went by.  Dan McLaughlin was not driving.

@mikeflynn_: Fox2 parade insight: “The fans and players are smiling.”

**@mikeflynn_: **Totally weird how everyone’s destiny is to win stuff.

**@boxcar_fritz: **Please tell me there is a Corey Patterson truck contributing to the parade. #stlcards

@mikeflynn_: Parents! Make sure you take the kids to the Yadi Molina Neck Tattoo painting booth.

@jbacott: Suggestion to Fox2, just loop “Celebration” and “The Heat is On” over and over again in place of the commentary and interviews.  Trust me

**@mikeflynn_: **Tony rocking the “Happy Flight” sweatshirt. Much better than [the 2006] attire.

@mikeflynn_: Don’t you just want to set that World Series trophy on the other side of the room and see how many bean bags you can throw in to it?

**@mikeflynn_: **Dan McLaughlin sighting! Remember Dan, they’re just brownies, not love.

@mikeflynn_: Um…yeah. You could say the same during the whole World Series. “@KSDK_Sports: only one teams baseball stadium is sold out today…”

@mikeflynn_: Arthur Rhodes has nothing to say.

@mikeflynn_: Good, I was really hoping we’d get to hear Charles Dooley babble on like a Tracy Morgan character.

@jbacott:  David Freese gets a key to St. Louis City and St. Louis County. Way to summarize the bizarre layout of our city in two awkward presentations

@gabehartwig: Here’s a key to the city. Can you watch our cats?

**@mikeflynn_: **@gabehartwig No, but a key to the city explains all the home invasions.

**@mikeflynn_: **Nothing like having everyone say how important trading you away was to the season huh Colby Rasmus?

**@mikeflynn_: **“Drunk Carp” is the second best kind of Carp, after only “Yelling at Brendan Ryan Carp”

**@mikeflynn_: **That was embarrassing Horton. Stop making people chant marketing gimmicks.

**@boxcar_fritz: **Wait… Mike Claiborne is black?

**@mikeflynn_: **Thanks Tony for walking us through that joke.

**@mikeflynn_: **Check out Tony with the prepared schtick!

**@mikeflynn_: **Carpenter can’t shut up and I love his drunken inside jokes.

**@boxcar_fritz: ** La Russa was two minutes away from talking about how he used to tie an onion to his belt, as was the style of the time. #stlcards

@mikeflynn_: Nice of Tony to throw a nod to the other town’s sports teams that everyone forgot we had.

**@mikeflynn_: **That last spe[e]ch was like the principal’s awkward buzzkill at the end of the high school prom. “Stay safe and see you Monday morning!”

@mikeflynn_: The MLB Playoffs are now over. We will now return you to the regularly scheduled NFL season, already in progress.