Lamber Airport to Reveal Phase One of Makeover This Morning

If any of you are lucky enough to have to spend some time Tuesday getting voluntarily strip searched before heading off to your connecting flight to a real airport at Lambert tomorrow, be sure to check out the fancy new remodel of baggage carousels one and two! We know you’re excited! The remodels baggage carousels now feature higher ceilings and more light, but fair warning, they couldn’t get rid of that religious guy and his little desk who thinks he’s better than you because he knows Jesus…or satan or Tom Cruise. We’ve actually never stopped to ask him.

Lambert officials removed the construction walls Sunday night and by Tuesday morning, travelers will be able to exit the Concourse C-D security checkpoint and catch a close-up glimpse of what the airport is striving to accomplish over the next year.

The height of the ceiling has been raised about 10 inches. But the recessed and circular “cove” lighting gives it an even more open feel.

Also exciting is Lambert’s work in replacing all the Grade B/BB plywood with all new A/B grade plywood. It looks really nice. Not “replacing the f*cking windows eight months later” but still really really nice.

“Tomorrow’s a big day,” [Lambert Director Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge] said. “For the last three months, we’ve gone through the heaviest phase of construction in this whole project. … We had the long detour where customers coming in off the D Concourse had to exit through the B.”

Not sure how to tell Rhonda this, but those people weren’t grumbling about having to exit at the B concourse, they were just grumbling about exiting in St. Louis through crappy airport. You should have unveiled the changes yesterday and announced the place is haunted (and then whisper “with weird people, grumpy TSA agents and fat guys that can’t figure out the departure drop off zone.”)

via STLToday