Girl That Accidentally Hung Herself in a Haunted House is Doing OK

Last Thursday a 17-year-old was hospitalized after accidentally hanging herself while working at the “Creepyworld” Fenton haunted house. After a stint in the ICU, she has been moved after her condition improved.

The girl was working as an actress to scare guests when she was hurt on Thursday evening. A co-worker who makes rounds to check the safety of employees found her in the noose. She was unconscious.

Authorities have said it appears to have been an accident.

First off, duh. She’s being paid to scare people…there’s a noose right there…insert head A in to loop B to scare hoosier C. She just forgot the “D, don’t actually hang yourself.”

Oh, and kids, if you are thinking about taking a after school job and you find out that there is a person at your job who’s role is to walk around and check on the “safety of [the] employees”, don’t take that job…unless that guy is a bouncer and you’re a hot girl with daddy issues. Otherwise just go get a safe job. For example, if you work at Taco Bell no one’s going to worry about you not come home after your shift. Just don’t get any of that “meat” in your mouth…actually we’d avoid any skin contact at all just to be safe.

via STLToday