Rangers Manager Ron Washington Sounds Just How You’d Think He’d Sound in his Game 7 Pep Talk

Our friends at Joe Sports Fan won the internet yesterday after posting a tape of the Game 7 pre-game pep talk Ron Washington gave to his team. While the Rangers talk about hunting down the “leak” and feeding him to Nolan Ryan’s dogs and then back-peddle and say it’s been taken care of, lets list our top 5 favorite parts: #5: “[Game 6] was one of the most tremendous baseball games I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. [Read More]

Head to Amazon For Your Texas Rangers 2011 Champions Book!

For the low low price of $29.95 you can “pre-order” your copy of “Texas Triumph”, the inspiring full-color photo book that details the incridible 2011 season of the Texas Rangers from spring training up to their incredible World Series win in game six..err…game seven…oh wait. Embarrassing! Publication Date: November 9, 2011 Get the book that captures the Rangers World Series championship season, brought to you by SportsDay from The Dallas Morning News. [Read More]

Tweet Commentary From the Cardinals World Champions Parade and Celebration

As with the majority of the Cardinals’ playoff games, our fearless editor took to Twitter to comment on the Cardinals World Series Champion parade and Busch Stadium event. If you already follow @mikeflynn_ then you have no doubt already seen this, but others that missed it because they are too “emo” for Twitter have asked for a way to check it out so here, for posterity sake, is the annotated timeline with a few retweets mixed in from others. [Read More]

A World Series Game Six Time Lapse

Before the game last night we decided to start up a time lapse shot while we watched the game to capture our joy or sadness…little did we know it would end up capturing the viewing of the greatest game ever…ever! The capture started just before the first pitch until just a few minutes after the game ended, with a picture taken ever 10 seconds. We also have the tweets from our editor, @mikeflynn_, running down the left side (you’ll need to be in HD fullscreen to read them though). [Read More]

World Series Game 5: WTF Tony?!

The Cardinals lost game 5 (photo from the 8th inning above) in one of the worst performances we’ve seen all year for both the players and manager, which says a lot because this team sucked donkey schlong for a few months there. The team went, and this is just based on our score card so we might be a little off, 1 for 19,832,343 in scoring opportunities, but most baseball folks agree that more than anything, Tony stunk up the joint last night with one of his worst game management of all time. [Read More]

Hey, How Did the Rams and the Cardinals Do in Dallas Yesterday?

Not well. Not. Well. The Cardinals were taken to school by a guy who’s playoff beard looks a hell of a lot like the lip fur our old 3rd grade bus driver, Bertha rocked, and the Rams just continued to suck at their usual level. At least the Rams are consistent, and have been all year right? That’s something. That’s important enough for a reward! Awww…that’s nice. Former Pittsburg head coach, and Super Bowl winner, Bill Cowher, thoughts? [Read More]

Checking on the World Series Coverage

Hi! I know we said we were off this week, but we snuck back in to do a quick rundown of some other people talking about the World Series. ESPN’s World Series Predictions Rangers, Rangers, Rangers! Again ESPN doubts the power that is the Cardinals will to survive. It happened in the NLDS, NLCS and now the World Series. SI.com: Rangers-Cardinals World Series has the look of seventh heaven Tom Verducci is pretty sure this series is going 7 games, which would be awesome as we won’t be in town for the first two St. [Read More]

Holy Freaking Balls: The Cardinals Are in the World Series!

We’re doing some traveling, and as such, this was meant to be a week off for us, but how do we not say something now?! Here are some quick hits: – Ha, ha! You suck Brewers! Talk some shit now! – Holy crap!!!!!!!!!! – !!!!!!! – Love that we won the series in game 6 (even though we missed it while on a plane) since it really sets up the rotation for the Series. [Read More]