Head to Amazon For Your Texas Rangers 2011 Champions Book!

For the low low price of $29.95 you can “pre-order” your copy of “Texas Triumph”, the inspiring full-color photo book that details the incridible 2011 season of the Texas Rangers from spring training up to their incredible World Series win in game six..err…game seven…oh wait. Embarrassing! Publication Date: November 9, 2011 Get the book that captures the Rangers World Series championship season, brought to you by SportsDay from The Dallas Morning News. [Read More]

Amazon.com Says St. Louis is the 18th Most Romantic City

Basing their rankings off of sales data of romantic novels, relationship books, romantic comedy movies, Barry White albums and various “sexual wellness” products per capita since the first of the year, Amazon.com has placed St. Louis at number 18 on it’s Most Romantic City list. To us that sounds more like St. Louis has relationship issues than one that’s naturally romantic. Why buy all that crap if you’re just naturally gifted with the ladies? [Read More]

Rapper Pissed ESPN Used His Song No One’s Heard of on Their National Broadcast

First, before we get to the meat of this little ordeal, we want you to know that KSDK brought us this story from Frank Wiley reporting live from downtown St. Louis last night. Why? No clue. None of this had anything to do with downtown St. Louis. Maybe Frank had to smoke or fart or something so he took his work outside. It added nothing to the story of a local rapper suing ESPN, but maybe if you hit your head really really hard or take a day and drink nothing by antifreeze it might make more sense. [Read More]