Please Stop Rapping About St. Louis

Our apologies to Corle 2 Da. His “So St. Louis” video is no longer the “Worst Music Video Ever”, this big sensory turd known as “South City” by the Deuce is now the worst thing we’ve ever seen. Interesting side note: Deuce also holds the title of lamest, most generic artist name…unless they mean “Deuce” like “We’re going to take a deuce in your ear with our horrible rapping.” If that’s the case, it quickly becomes the most clever. [Read More]

We’re Kinda in the Corle 2 Da Video

Yes, we’ve made fun of him, and then interviewed him, and now we’re promoting his new video “Facebook Jump Off”…because he put a screenshot of us in there. Yes, even the venerable Punching Kitty has moments of whorish behavior. Whorish mind you. We aren’t whores, but sometimes we may assume the characteristics of a whore. Ladies, you know what we’re getting at right?

Anyway, local rapper Corle 2 Da dropped us a line to let us know that we made the cut and have a quick cameo in his latest video (see animated gif version below, and the full version is after the jump).

When we not so subtly suggested that we appear in one of his famed YouTube videos during the interview it appeared our chances were slim at best.

PK: You’ve given visual shoutouts to the RFT in both “So St. Louis” and “Digital” is this interview our first step in getting a Punching Kitty appearance?

Corle: Ah a Punching Kitty appearance…in an upcoming video I’m guessing, well it is definitely a possibility, the RFT has been real supportive of my work and I appreciate that.  I saw you won an award at RFT web awards as well didn’t you?  Really though, they are great at recognizing people and topics in the community.

…yet here we sit, watching an animated gif go back and forth! In turn for this, we will guarantee the following things for Corle 2 Da as a thank you.

1,000 video views. (To keep things simple on the accounting side, we’ll just take credit for the first 1,000.)

A picture of ET dressed as Mr. T…

…and one post where we don’t take a single shot at him.

Check out his full video for “Facebook Jump Off” below.

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10 Questions For Local Rapper Corle 2 Da

We haven’t done one of our ever so popular 10 question interviews in a while so it’s way past time for that to return and we can’t think of a better person to bring it back with than local rapper Corle 2 Da. Yes, that Corle 2 Da. The very one we (in)famously took a few shots at, and who later dropped us a line to let us know that he can take a joke, which is awesome! [Read More]

Rapper Pissed ESPN Used His Song No One’s Heard of on Their National Broadcast

First, before we get to the meat of this little ordeal, we want you to know that KSDK brought us this story from Frank Wiley reporting live from downtown St. Louis last night. Why? No clue. None of this had anything to do with downtown St. Louis. Maybe Frank had to smoke or fart or something so he took his work outside. It added nothing to the story of a local rapper suing ESPN, but maybe if you hit your head really really hard or take a day and drink nothing by antifreeze it might make more sense. [Read More]

Great Moments in Native St. Louisan History: Akon Throws a Dude Off-Stage

St. Louis has a rich tradition of fine people hailing from our city, sloppy with “midwestern values” they move out in to other cities always carrying with them the badge of “St. Louis Native”. We don’t think some of these people get enough credit, so we, from time to time, will honor these fine individuals reaching for the stars. Today’s feature? Rapper and St. Louis native Akon. It was over 3 years ago when perma-angry rapper and native St. [Read More]
akon  concert  rap  throw 

The RFT Throws Their Panties at Weird St. Louis Rap Video Guy

Oh look the RFT’s Music blog has an interview with some local rapper named “Corle 2 Da”…why does that name sound familiar?… ​You may have seen this excellent vid floating around the Interwebz in the past two weeks. “So St. Louis” is the work of one Corle 2 Da, a Belleville rapper looking to make his mark on this side of the river. Belleville rapper…god this all sound so familiar. Wait! [Read More]

The Worst Music Video Ever Was Shot in a St. Louis Condo’s Kitchen

So St. Louis” is a music video making the rounds by Corle. In case you were wondering, the song is about being “so St. Louis”, and though it might just be a serious attempt to make an hit music video, it’s far better to view under the “lame tourism video” filter. (like this one for Cleveland)

“I could just say St. Louis over and over again, that would be cool.”

“I would turn your flat-billed hat a little sideways…”

“Well god Carl, of course I’m going to turn my hat a little sideways, I…”

“…ok! Well I think that’s all you need.”

“No, it needs something more. Something really obvious.”

“More obvious than saying ‘St. Louis’ over and over?”

“Yeah…wait! What if I stand in front of every building in the greater St. Louis area!”


Now as we all know, the most crucial scene in a rap video is the party scene. Every rapper spends roughly 92% of his time at fabulous parties, so showing one of them in a video is crucial as proof to the fact of your awesome rappines. This dude did his in some condo kitchen. It’s not bad though, I think I saw a sexy lady over to the left by the hot plate:

Ok ok ok. We’ll give the guy a break he did at least manage to get the Sir-Mix-A-Lot booty shot in there, so points for that:

…but if we are going to give him points for that, we will have to deduct for “making it rain” with singles:

That really seems more like “making it drizzle”.

Click through the jump to watch the whole video and see if he shot any of it in front of your house!

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