10 Questions For Local Rapper Corle 2 Da

We haven’t done one of our ever so popular 10 question interviews in a while so it’s way past time for that to return and we can’t think of a better person to bring it back with than local rapper Corle 2 Da. Yes, that Corle 2 Da. The very one we (in)famously took a few shots at, and who later dropped us a line to let us know that he can take a joke, which is awesome! So in honor of that particularly scarce skill that we can only hope others learn from [Editor’s Note: Looking at you Loesch, Jaco, Marlow, religious people and fatties!], we shot a few questions his way to get a little better understanding of the man behind the YouTube videos.

Punching Kitty: Lets get right to it! We famously reviewed your “So St. Louis” video, but to be fair, it’s done quite well on YouTube with well over 20k views. Has the response been as good as YouTube makes it seem?

Actually the response from “So St. Louis” has been very good, it is doing well on youtube, as well as it was just nominated for video of the year by RFT.  Haha you guys got a few good ones in on me on that review…but it’s all good, gotta take the good with the bad….no thin skins….

PK: You had at least 823 different locations in that video, how long did it take to film?

The video for “So St. Louis” took about 4-5 total days to shoot…we were really on the move all over the city…but it was all a learning experience, and I would say overall it turned out good, for having little to no budget.

PK: The new video is “Digital” which leads off with a chase scene of sorts. Where did you film that?

The chase scene in the “Digital” video was shot in a server building in St. Louis.

PK: How much was “Digital” influenced by Weird Al Yankovic’s “It’s All About the Pentiums“? Weird Al is like the Beatles to all rappers right?

That Weird Al Yankovic song is actually pretty funny, I had no idea that video existed until I watched your link…so unfortunately the “Digital” song was not influenced by Weird Al, but i can definitely see why someone would think that or even ask that question.  Lol another good comparison!

PK: Give us a little background: How long have you been at preforming? Where are you from?

Background on Corle 2 Da…I was born in Alton, reside in Belleville, and have been performing locally around St. Louis, The Eastside (Illinois),  Chicago, and Memphis since 2003.

PK: Can you explain the story behind your name?

The story behind the name….ok, to make a long story short, I used to go by the artist/stage name of Corleone Da Hustla, after a few years with that I wanted to switch it up, as well as shorten it up, so I shortened Corleone to Corle, dropped off the “Hustla”, and the 2 comes from well like pt. 2, rebirth, sequel, whatever…so basically in a nutshell that is how i came up with the name Corle 2 Da, pronounced (Cor- Lee Two- duh) for those who didn’t know….

PK: Clearly you’re a cardinals fan. What you do think about the Pujols situation? Is he going to stick around?

Pujols situation is crazy! I believe it would be best for him, his career, the Cardinal Organization, and Cardinal Nation if we get him signed before SPRING TRAINING!!!! It will be a sad day in St. Louis if Albert Pujols signs a multiyear contract with another team and doesn’t retire a Cardinal……

PK: You’ve given visual shoutouts to the RFT in both “So St. Louis” and “Digital” is this interview our first step in getting a Punching Kitty appearance?

Ah a Punching Kitty appearance…in an upcoming video I’m guessing, well it is definitely a possibility, the RFT has been real supportive of my work and I appreciate that.  I saw you won an award at RFT web awards as well didn’t you?  Really though, they are great at recognizing people and topics in the community.

PK: How many blueberry muffins do you think you could eat in an hour?

I could probably eat about 25-30 blueberry muffins in an hour, that would also depend on the size of the muffins and if Milk was included!

PK: Good answer!

PK: So what’s next? Where do you go from “Digital”?

After “Digital” we will be shooting the next single which is called “Movement”  it will be a darker video…a bit more grimy, but it should be a great video, then after that look for something for the LADIES!

PK: …so it’s a grimy video called “Movement”? Um…we may have already seen that. Came out a few years ago…we think it was called “Corle 2 Girls 1 Cup”

PK: Seriously though, thanks again for the time man and good luck in the future! Anything else you want to add?

I would like to shout out to all the guys at Media Outlaws, Hollow Wear, and Red River Ent. that help me make it happen! Shout out to Punching Kitty!

Did you just feel that?! It was us, getting mad cred.