We’re Kinda in the Corle 2 Da Video

Yes, we’ve made fun of him, and then interviewed him, and now we’re promoting his new video “Facebook Jump Off”…because he put a screenshot of us in there. Yes, even the venerable Punching Kitty has moments of whorish behavior. Whorish mind you. We aren’t whores, but sometimes we may assume the characteristics of a whore. Ladies, you know what we’re getting at right?

Anyway, local rapper Corle 2 Da dropped us a line to let us know that we made the cut and have a quick cameo in his latest video (see animated gif version below, and the full version is after the jump).

When we not so subtly suggested that we appear in one of his famed YouTube videos during the interview it appeared our chances were slim at best.

PK: You’ve given visual shoutouts to the RFT in both “So St. Louis” and “Digital” is this interview our first step in getting a Punching Kitty appearance?

Corle: Ah a Punching Kitty appearance…in an upcoming video I’m guessing, well it is definitely a possibility, the RFT has been real supportive of my work and I appreciate that.  I saw you won an award at RFT web awards as well didn’t you?  Really though, they are great at recognizing people and topics in the community.

…yet here we sit, watching an animated gif go back and forth! In turn for this, we will guarantee the following things for Corle 2 Da as a thank you.

1,000 video views. (To keep things simple on the accounting side, we’ll just take credit for the first 1,000.)

A picture of ET dressed as Mr. T…

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10 Questions For Local Rapper Corle 2 Da

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