The RFT Throws Their Panties at Weird St. Louis Rap Video Guy

Oh look the RFT’s Music blog has an interview with some local rapper named “Corle 2 Da”…why does that name sound familiar?…

​You may have seen this excellent vid floating around the Interwebz in the past two weeks. “So St. Louis” is the work of one Corle 2 Da, a Belleville rapper looking to make his mark on this side of the river.

Belleville rapper…god this all sound so familiar. Wait! “So St. Louis”!? As in making it rain with singles “So St. Louis”?

No. This is the “excellent vid floating around the Interwebz”?! Jokes! Gotta be a joke.

“A lot of people call it the new St. Louis anthem,” says Corle’s manager Ron Boles, with Red River Entertainment. “We really are happy with it. We’re gonna put the video in Vintage Vinyl where people can buy it.”

The 30-year-old started rapping with friends at age 12. Though he was born in Alton and currently resides in Belleville, Corle considers himself a dyed-in-the-wool, Provel-eating, Cards cheering, Rams-lamenting St. Louisian.

What?! Seriously?! You’re interviewing him now? For reals?

“The whole area around here thrives off of St. Louis,” Corle says.

What the hell does that even mean?! It is St. Louis. We live in St. Louis. You can’t thrive off yourself. That would create a thrive loop and would probably lead to…crappy rap videos! Ah, it’s all so clear now.

“I’ve got a couple major labels looking at him,” [Corle’s agent] says. “We didn’t even expect this, 7,000 hits in less than 2 weeks.”

Yikes. No mention that “German Soccer Coach Picks Nose and Eats It” has over 12,400 views or that “Sportscaster Jim Knox Shows Off His Ball Sweat” has over 36 thousand views in a week. No, no yours is good though. Still good.

Corle’s working on an album — he says it will be out in December or January — and plans to shoot another video in October for a new single called “Digital.”

Yea! New post material!

Getting back to the main point though: Why on earth is the RFT on this guy’s jock? Look the song isn’t Tina E bad, but come on, let’s me real here. There must be some reason why the Riverfront Times would be so infatuated with bad rap…

…I guess we’ll just never know.

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