Checking on the World Series Coverage

Hi! I know we said we were off this week, but we snuck back in to do a quick rundown of some other people talking about the World Series.

ESPN’s World Series Predictions

Rangers, Rangers, Rangers! Again ESPN doubts the power that is the Cardinals will to survive. It happened in the NLDS, NLCS and now the World Series. Rangers-Cardinals World Series has the look of seventh heaven

Tom Verducci is pretty sure this series is going 7 games, which would be awesome as we won’t be in town for the first two St. Louis games. Berkman offers mea culpa to state of Texas for comments

Lance Berkman is really sorry he said the Rangers will probably suck this year. So to review, Berkman started off the year saying the Rangers were going to suck, later in the season admitted that he too hated the Cardinals for much of his career. Halfway through the Series, we fully expect Berkman to say that baseball really isn’t his thing as the game itself will be the last thing involved that he hasn’t dumped on.

The Rangers’ Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz and Adrian Beltre against the Cardinals’ Albert Pujols, David Freese and…David Freese.

(It’s been fixed now on their home page)

Enjoy the game folks. We’ll be tweeting as long as we have coverage on @punchingkitty and @mikeflynn_

Photo Credit: ESPN