World Series Game 5: WTF Tony?!

World Series Game 5: WTF Tony?!

The Cardinals lost game 5 (photo from the 8th inning above) in one of the worst performances we’ve seen all year for both the players and manager, which says a lot because this team sucked donkey schlong for a few months there. The team went, and this is just based on our score card so we might be a little off, 1 for 19,832,343 in scoring opportunities, but most baseball folks agree that more than anything, Tony stunk up the joint last night with one of his worst game management of all time. The whole game felt like Tony making one more after the other, digging himself deeper and deeper with bench coach Joe Pettini standing next to him yelling “No! Dig up!” Some of the move were fine, but didn’t work, like two of the four bunts. Others were bad, like the other two bunts and repeatedly giving the Rangers a base to put Pujols instead of forcing him to be pitched too…others were really really bad, like putting on a hit and run with Pujols at bat after the last hit and run with Pujols on bat didn’t work at all and made part of us die inside.

Here’s what the St. Louis faithful watching and commenting through Twitter had to say:

…and in case you thought our Twitter friends were just down on Tony, here’s what the internet in general thinks:

Bad bad night for Tony and the Cardinals for sure, but the series isn’t over. Backs against the wall, the Cardinals must now win both games 6 and 7 at home or risk watching the Rangers dance on their home field.

Ok, so we are heading off to go cry in the corner for a little while and possibly punch something hard enough to really hurt (it’s like cutting, but for baseball fans instead of sad middle school girls).