Mayor Slay Found an Almost Dead Guy in South City

No, no no. This isn’t some symbolic deal where we say Mayor Slay found the beaten body of a nearly dead spirit of St. Louis on the sidewalk that told him he should probably do a little more about the crime. Mayor Slay actually found the beaten body of a nearly dead guy on the sidewalks of South City.

Mayor Slay said he was traveling along South Grand Boulevard near the intersection of Utah Street in south St. Louis when he came upon a man who had been assaulted. The man was lying in a pool of his own blood on the side of the street and was unconscious.

His Mayorness waited with the man and kept repeatedly coaching the guy up with “So you ran in to a door right? …or maybe fell down some stairs? Lets go with the door one, ok? You really gotta watch out for those doors buddy! Such a klutz!”  while the emergency crews sped to the scene.

So who did this? The Mr. Mayor see the perps?

According to Mayor Slay, he noticed a group of youths walking away from the scene.

The Mayor didn’t get a great look, but he’s pretty sure he saw these two youths commit the near murder and then escape in a metallic mint green 1963 Pontiac Tempest.

Now lets bring in the professionals to tell us the motive behind the brutal beating, but keep in mind they have no one in custody and have maybe one witness.

Officials say the violent act was part of what is known as the “knockout” game. It is an ongoing problem that left a 72-year-old man dead in south St. Louis last April.

Again with the “Knockout Game”! We’re starting to think that “Knockout Game” is St. Louis code for “We have no clue why this random horrible crime happened, so lets tie them together somehow.” If we don’t know, or think it has anything to do with young people, just assume it will be eventually labeled as “Knockout”.

As for the man himself, he’s had to go through facial reconstructive surgery, but is recovering and should be fine after lots and lots of time and he finally manages to get the mayor to stop sending him “I’m Sorry” flowers with “Vote Slay!” buttons on them.

via KMOV