Rangers Manager Ron Washington Sounds Just How You’d Think He’d Sound in his Game 7 Pep Talk

Our friends at Joe Sports Fan won the internet yesterday after posting a tape of the Game 7 pre-game pep talk Ron Washington gave to his team. While the Rangers talk about hunting down the “leak” and feeding him to Nolan Ryan’s dogs and then back-peddle and say it’s been taken care of, lets list our top 5 favorite parts: #5: “[Game 6] was one of the most tremendous baseball games I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. [Read More]

JoeSportsFan Figures Out Airport Shops Suck Balls

Our friends at JoeSportsFan.com and KFNS.com just released their expose on the absolute crappiness of the Lambert Airport sports shop “Hometown Favorites”. Summery? Pedro Guerrero is prominently displayed. Pretty much all you need to know to see where this is going. Its no surprise of course. Airports in general are set in their own little world. A scary world where an 87 year old woman can take down a plane with a pair of safety scissors, a Burger King Whopper with Cheese costs $9. [Read More]