St. Louis Has Really Stupid Twitter Trends

We think St. Louis is filled with smart intelligent people that use Twitter to say nothing but notably pithy quotes, but if you are to believe Trends St Louis, then everyone is a retard churning out nothing but song lyrics and offensive hash tags that are just barely one rung on the literary ladder above slamming their faces against the keyboard. (No, no, no…not you. Your tweets are great! We’re talking about the other people.)

#hoesthesedays, #brokehoes, #brokeniggas, #friendsthatfuck? Has St. Louis’ twitter population always been the embodiment of Seth Green’s character from Can’t Hardly Wait or is this a recent thing over our last two week vacation?

As you can see above, it gets worse. We don’t know the exact number of suburban white kids getting all comfy in their new social network home away from MySpace to tweet “#niggasthesedays” needed to make the term “trend”, but we’re guessing it’s more than a few.

Oh wait, there’s still more horribleness! Not only does St. Louis apparently have an issue with broke “hoes” and “niggas” on Twitter, but we also seem to have horrible taste in sports reporters:

Maybe that was too hasty, do we believe that St. Louis took a collective breath between ghetto hashtags just long enough for Andy Strickland to name-drop himself in to the trending promise land, or is it more believable that people actually listen to KFNS after the morning show is over? …ok, neither of those are even remotely believable. We kinda wanna just go with a reason of “unicorn magic”, but unofficially label this one as unsolved.