Bradford Loses His First Game, but the Internet Doesn’t Care

The first Sunday in the 2010 NFL season was a day of ups and downs for Rams starting quarterback and St. Louis Prom King in-waiting, Sam Bradford. Some of those moments were more obvious than others, but it’s still worth running through Sam’s day:

As the fans piled in to the Edward Jones Dome its clear St. Louis loves Sam Bradford. All the Rams of yesteryear be dammed! Replace that Torry Holt jersey! …or if you have duct tape in your trailer (it’s under the pile of Natural Lite cans, to the right of your black and white TV with the HD converter box and bunny ears), just turn #81 in to #8. No it looks good! You can barely tell:

(tip of the cap to Aaron Hooks of Cards Diaspora for the photo.)

Bradford +1!

The game finally begins! …and it’s rough going in the first quarter: blocked field goal, 3 & out, interception…

Bradford -1.

Second quarter starts with more of the same, but end with a great drive and Sam’s first regular season touchdown in a great rollout play!

Bradford +1!!

…and during the ensuing touchdown celebration, wide receiver laurent robinson, who caught the pass, gave the ball away to a family member in the stands, instead of giving it to Bradford who just threw his first NFL TD pass. You can’t couch up stupid it appears.

Bradford -1.

The game went on, and though it was close throughout, Sam threw 2 more interceptions (though, neither were really “bad” plays on Bradford’s part) and the Rams lost.

Bradford -1.

Despite the loss, the praise is being heaped on Bradford in his first start and the Rams fans felt like they gave a crap for the first time in years:

“It was good to have the crowd behind us,” running back Steven Jackson said. “It’s been a while since we’ve had that kind of energy in the dome.

Bradford +1

Not only are the Rams fans Bradford crazy, despite the loss, apparently Sam’s legend is growing all over the world as Sam Bradford was #6 most searched term on Google Sunday evening:

Bradford +1!

So the day ends with Bradford at +1. Look, Sam I know you feel down right now with the loss, but you are the St. Louis Rams quarterback and you ended the day with a “+1”. That’s better than its been for a long long time….and…um…no tie Sam? Dude fix your collar!

Bradford -1.

So…as we were saying, breaking even on the day as the St. Louis Rams quarterback hasn’t happened in a long long time.

In other news, Marc Bulger will try to sit on his hand as long as he can and then touch his face to see if it will feel like someone else is touching him during tonight’s game. Oh and everyone in Dallas hates former Rams dumbass Alex Barron.