August Busch IV’s Girlfriend Found Dead at His Home

August Busch IV, St. Louis’ bad boy playboy millionaire, who’s family beer-making business was sold to InBev a few years ago, had yet another run in with Johnny Law recently when a dead woman was found last Sunday in his South Lindbergh mansion. The woman, 27 year old Adrienne Nicole Martin, was a former girlfriend of Busch. Pretty suspicious that a woman was found dead in a mansion and the mansion was owned by her boyfriend, and the boyfriend has had a few issues with the law in his past right…and that all day Sunday my trick knee was aching which usually means there’s been a disturbance in the Hooters waitress force?

No, says Busch’s lawyer:

Art Margulis, a lawyer for Busch, said Busch and others were at the mansion when her death was discovered Sunday. Martin, a former Hooters waitress and aspiring beer advertising model, and Busch had been dating for a year, he said. Margulis said there was “absolutely nothing suspicious about her passing, and it’s a tragic and untimely death of a young person.

Though initial autopsy reports show now trauma to her body, and a full toxicology report isn’t due for nearly six weeks, Martin’s family believes that the causes were natural:

Dr. Kevin J. Martin, 45, who is a medical doctor who now lives in Cape Girardeau, Mo., said in an interview Friday that he does not know his ex-wife’s cause of death but said that she had a heart condition called Long QT syndrome. The heart rhythm disorder can potentially cause fast, chaotic heartbeats that can, in some cases, cause sudden death.

Sounds plausible, but if her condition was really something that had a decent chance of dropping her at a moment’s notice, wouldn’t you think her medical doctor husband would have been a little more forceful about getting that fully checked out? Seems like a long shot to us. Well if the toxicology report comes back inconclusive then they can take a look at the body again and figure out this mystery!

Meanwhile, a memorial service for Martin, whose body has been cremated, will be held Dec. 30 in Springfield.

…ok, scratch that! Seems like cremation was a little hasty being as no one has the faintest idea as to why she died. Also, despite the lack of initial foul play evidence, you can’t overlook August Busch IV’s criminal past which includes the car wreck that turned fatal for his passenger, an Arizona waitress, which Busch himself tried to leave the scene only to be busted and then let go after the evidence was lost. Then, in 1985, just two years later, Busch lead a high-speed chase and drew criminal charges that included the attempt to run over two officiers. He escaped the charges though by claiming he thought it was a kidnapping attempt. …Apparently he thought he was at a strip club in Bogata, Columbia not Sauget, Illinois.

It will be interesting to see what conclusion comes from all of this, if any. The police are thinking overdose, the family is poo-pooing on the overdose idea (but who’s family ever says to the press “Oh yeah. That was it! Totally overdose. My little darling loved her some nose-candy!”) and August Busch IV is still trying to figure out a way to distance himself from the whole thing. Turns out it’s a little harder to walk away from a dead body when the dead body is in your third, second floor atrium.

You’d think that all these stories would eventually put a damper on Busch’s dating, but you know what? When you’re pulling in $120,000 a month from InBev to do exactly dick, chicks tend to overlook little things like dead girlfriends or being the zenith of all rich kid who’s a douche stories.

via STLToday