CBS Early Show Analyzes August Busch IV, While Post Dispatch Keeps Playing that 911 Tape

CBS’s Russ Mitchell talks with the author of “Dethroning the King: The Hostile Takeover of Anheuser-Busch, An American Icon” Julie Macintosh about her thoughts on the mysterious death of Busch’s girlfriend, Adrienne Nicole Martin. (We would have embedded it here, but CBS sucks and disabled embedding…and probably touches new born puppies in bad places.)

Interesting stuff about a case that so far, has netted very little int the way of details aside from a 911 tape that was as boring as they come despite all the media outlets trying to make it interesting. Oh god! The guy said “It’s dark in here!” No way! Someone must have been trying to hide the body by…turning out the lights?! If you have nothing interesting to report, just say “Nothing yet but we’re looking.” or just don’t say anything at all.

Here’s what’s out there just so we’re all clear:

– August Busch IV’s girlfriend was found dead in his house by a house staff member.

– Busch and “others” were home at the time.

– There were a reported 42 minutes between the body being found and the 911 call being placed.

– Cops aren’t publicly concerned with Busch IV or that any foul play was involved, suspecting an overdose but awaiting toxic screening results.

– The body was cremated.

– The family of the deceased has claimed that she wasn’t in to drugs, but she was a Hooters waitress and “aspiring model” dating a rich playboy beer baron, so…you know…we’ll see.

– We’ve also learned that pretty much any chick we a decent rack and photos online can be called an “aspiring model.”

Nothing more to report no matter how big the headlines are or how “shocking” one of the local stations anchors says their broadcast will be tonight (after sports and the weather).

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re aspiring to go eat a sandwich.