Drug Deals in the Bass Pro Shop Parking Lot Always End Badly

As far as we know, there’s only been one drug deal done in the St. Charles Bass Pro Shop parking lot, and it ended with four guys killing St. Charles native and current Rams practice squad member Brandon Joyce. Seems like the safe bet is to go do your drug deals in the parking lots of White Castles like the rest of us.

In a probable cause statement, police said Joyce and a friend had planned to buy drugs from Cory Brooks and the fourth unidentified suspect. Police said the unidentified suspect shot Joyce once in the head during an attempt to steal his money.

Three men were charged yesterday in the shooting, while a fourth is still at-large. Joyce is the son of Terry Joyce, a former St. Louis football Cardinal punter in the 70’s has was on the Rams practice squad and was previous at the Minnesota Vikings rookie minicamp as well as playing in the Canadian Football League.

This shooting was the second murder in St. Charles this year, and possibly the first in hopefully many cooperations to come between criminals and the St. Louis mayor’s office with their new program “Please Spread Out Before You Kill People” program. The program allows for gas money tax credits if you take your victims outside the city limits to kill them, or simply plan them out there to begin with. Best idea the mayor’s had in years. Sure its doubling the 2008 St. Charles murder count, but we all have to chip in and do our part in order to polish that St. Louis crime statistics turd.

via STLToday