Year Ending Lists: 2010′s Most Read Posts

Maybe you haven’t heard, but websites like lists. A lot. Especially at the end of the year. We promise to only throw a couple of these your way though. This is one of them.

2010 turned out to be a big year at Punching Kitty with every month bringing loads of new readers and record traffic, so just like last December, its a good time to take a look back at the posts the reading public found most attractive. This list is based purely on traffic which is kinda of a crap metric since things that the beginning of the year get an obvious boost, but it’s still the best we’ve got that this point. No matter, hopefully the new readers we’ve picked up will be able to catch up on the work we did earlier in the year.

Look for our Top 10  personal favorite stories list later this week.

10. St. Louis Sex Blog, The Beautiful Kind, Vanishes

A crazy year (that looks to continue in to 2010) for local sex blogger, then only known as “The Beautiful Kind”, all started when, with a flurry of cryptic tweets, her popular blog vanished from the internet. It didn’t take much to guess what happened though: The anonymous blogger had been outed.

The acclaimed, anonymous, and St. Louis based erotic blog The Beautiful Kind really felt like it was just starting to take off. Much like this very blog, it was included in the recent list of favorite blogs by the Riverfront Times and we kept hearing more and more people naming themselves as readers to the constantly updated titillating stories of threesomes, butt-sex [Editor’s Note: Is butt-sex hyphenated?] and partner swapping.

Though we aren’t sure of the time of the change, some time yesterday was removed along with all of its content and replaced with a message from “TBK’s web guru” admitting that “the site will remain closed until further notice.”

She weathered that storm though, to only find herself in a few others later in 2010 after bringing her blog back, all of which we dutifully reported on while trying our damnedest to not “insert” too many dick jokes in to the reporting of her seriously crazy year.

9. Craigslist: Anyone Seen the Cardinals Team We Had In April?

So…maybe you heard about this one…because it was freaking everywhere in September.’s Will Leitch had it on his personal blog, it was mentioned in the Post Dispatch as well as countless random Cardinals, Reds, and Cubs blogs. All we did was post a Craiglist ad looking for the Cardinal team we had in April.

Here’s how we thought it would go when we came up with the idea: We liked the idea of the post (obviously) but were worried that it was too short, not enough jokes, and would get yanked from Craigslist in about two seconds since jokes don’t usually last long on there in the “serious” buying and selling pages.

Never underestimate how much this town loves it’s Cardinals and how pissed off we were last year.

8. Brad Penny’s Girlfriend is Straight Bangin’ Yo

…speaking of the lost Cardinal season of 2010, remember when Brad Penny made a pit stop in St. Louis to throw a few innings, hit a grand slam and then head for the trainers room? Good times. Apparently we all took solace in the fact that at least this square-headed, paper mache pitcher has drug the pineapple through quite a few sexy ladies in his day. At the time we hypothesized:

Jesus, its like this guys privates are made of dark chocolate.

In a related story Ray King recently drew a face on a pillow and named it Sarah.

We hear Ray King and his pillow girlfriend are still doing well.

7. Apparently People Don’t Like Dan McLaughlin

Portly Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlin makes his first appearance on this list in the post about how no one likes him. Fun times for Danny Mac.

It all started with that “De-motivational” poster someone made in his honor and ended with us receiving a few comments and an inbox full of “Here’s why I think Dan McLaughlin is a douche bag…” stories.

If we have to pick one…

some of the security guys at busch loathe the guy. the one constant in all the stories i’ve heard are the “do you know who i am?” types of responses they get to the “sir, you can’t park your car in a fire zone”, etc. normally you wouldn’t think too much of it, it’s just that the only other story like this i’ve heard from these same people are about barry bonds.

if you think about all the huge personalities from all reaches of the media that these people see on a daily basis, if the only stories of prickish behavior i get are about dan mclaughlin and barry freaking bonds…well, it’s not going to leave a great impression.

6. Hopeville Homeless Camp Not Gone, Just Somewhere Else Now

This one was a surprise. Apparently people are interested in where hobo tent forts are forming in town, or Hopeville, the newly located homeless camp, got wifi.

We think it was our awesome tip to have homeless people invest in a St. Louis/San Fran startup Square-based payment system.

5. KMOV’s Virginia Kerr Had Her Baby, Told Twitter ALL About It

We’ll give her this, KMOV morning anchor turned waste-of-time host, isn’t shy about what it took her to squeeze our her baby.

We ran down her whole list of vagina-themed tweets while offering helpful tips as we are known to do. We’d say we have a future in midwifing, but we’re far too important in that first stage of baby making (because of our penis).

4. Mugshots: Our Very Own Snookie!

Damn funny mugshot, but no idea how this little post about a delightful little lady got so much traffic. I guess we accidentally lucked in to a Jersey Shore Google keyword. Sucks for Agnes Rybak though having all those people staring at her mugshot.

3. Dan McLaughlin Gets Busted For Drinky Drinky Drivey Drivey

Here we go. You knew it was going to be on here! One more time for 2010, we present to you…Dan McLaughlin’s mugshot!

It’s like a lump dough got an attitude problem and a sunburn right before picture time. Great freaking mugshot.

…no promises we won’t drag that out again before the end of the year.

2. Lambert Airport to Get Full Body Scanners

Always with the best timing, Lambert Airport rolled out the controversial full-body “backscatter” security scanners and then less than a month later, everyone flipped the hell out over them.

They are choosing to use the more privacy conscious “Backscatter AIT”, proving that we had the totally wrong idea of what “backscatter” meant. It turns out it’s a technology and has_nothing_ to do with paper towels and your date ending with a fight! The more you know!

Looking back on it now, it’s all a bit silly. We should all really be driving to Chicago and using their airport. It still has the same scanners, but at least you have a shot at a flight that doesn’t feel like the pilot is mad at you for making him stop in St. Louis, like that guy that rolls up on the empty ghetto bus stop at the last second.

We almost disqualified this one for the top spot after realizing it got most of it’s traffic from some creepy internet forum that was getting off on the magazine cover photos we had, but whatever. Numbers are numbers, and this was the most “popular” post. Yes, it got to that position because of pervs, but that’s fitting isn’t it seeing as the story is about sick pervs. Also we know you looked at it…more than once. It’s cool. We won’t tell your girlfriend. Figured we’re hard enough on her as it is. Get it? Hard enough on her…we’re saying we put our penis in your girlfriend.