Two Planes Bumped at Lambert

No injuries to people or planes, but yesterday one taxing plane bumped in to another on the tarmac.

Hamm-Niebrugge says a Philadelphia-bound Embraer was preparing to de-ice when the second plane, an Airbus about to fly to Charlotte, N.C., pulled up and clipped the horizontal bar in the tail area of the Embraer.

It’s being called a “minor” collision by airport authorities, but they have pulled both planes back for inspection. After all, if you have to giant heavy object slamming in to each other, rarely does anything good come out of it. Take for instance the show Roseanne. Roseanne Barr paired with John Goodman?! TV sitcoms are supposed to take me away to a fun pseudo-reality land, not transport me to the Troy, MO Wal-Mart so I can watch a giant fat couple literally sweat out the decision on how many double-stuff Oreo packages they should buy to wait out the snow storm. Roseanne was a horrible show. The most fat and unfunny thing we’d seen since the first time we saw Roseanne Barr.

“Oh jesus. Yet another off-topic rant. Get to the point!”

The point is Megan Fox was walking around in a bikini the other day and we’re sitting here freezing our asses off not having sex with her!

Also, something about planes.

via KMOV