KMOV’s Virginia Kerr Had Her Baby, Told Twitter ALL About It

The great thing about Twitter is that if you ever want to know how dilated your local morning news anchor’s sniz is while she’s going through labor, you can know. We live in the future. Where’s our god-dammed hoverboard?!

Starting with: “This [sic] it! I’m in labor, people!” KMOV morning anchor and resident cutie, Virginia Kerr started the process of labor and a steady stream of tweets up until a few moments before she pooped out her baby boy. …Is that right? Pooping them out? Sounds right.

Contractions every two minutes. They broke my water. Epidural is in. No pain! #fb

Ok! Go Virginia!

Still just hanging out.. I can’t feel a thing..last check I was dialted to a 3 but they haven’t checked since my water broke. #fb

Ok, wow. Gross. Time to stop tweeting and have that baby!

Watching the old movie Wall Street with the hubs. I feel the contractions getting stronger but not painful. Epidural is my friend.#fb

Nothing like having Gordon Gekko be the first voice your child hears.

At a six now! Nauseated and minor pain. Can’t wait to see my little dude. Just tweeting that brings tears! #fb

Six? Sounds like someone’s ready to give birth to a meatball sub.

We r getting close! Could start pushing soon! #fb

Try White Castle. That always makes us go.

We are at a 10! Tweeting is helping me cope. Like how the camera helped me do daring things on live tv when I was a feature reporter #fb

…so you’re saying you need the public eye to do anything daring or exciting Virginia? Awesome! We’re taking a shot in the dark here and going to guess that this kid was conceived in a KMOV news van…

Because of our awesome investigative abilities and rugged masculine charm, we managed to accquire the first baby photo of KMOV’s newest little reporter who already has enough of a resume to be the morning “traffic guy”

We knew it! Larry Connors, you pimp!