Nelly Finally Presented with Loop Walk of Fame Star

Yes, Nelly has had a star on the Delmar Loop’s Walk of Fame for some time now (his start debuted in 2006), but apparently it meant nothing since the man himself had never yet been “presented” with it. Apparently this star was really important to him, but not enough to take 5 minutes to shake Look Godfather Joe Edwards’ hand sometime during the last four years. This all seems pretty stupid to make a big deal about his “induction” in to the Walk of Fame now, but we’ll concede that he did eventually give a crap enough to make an appearance for his hometown fans at some point and…what?!

Of course he was an hour late to the induction he himself scheduled. Why not at this point?

Nearly an hour past the scheduled 4:30 p.m. start time, Nelly and a crew that included his long-time bodyguard walked down Delmar Boulevard to the podium on the sidewalk in front of Blueberry Hill, just behind his star.

“I never thought this was possible,” he said amid screams from the crowd.

One would think it seemed a little more possible sometime over the last four years.

Following the outside dedication cerimony, Nelly was joined by the St. Lunatics Murphy Lee, Kyjuan, Ali, and everyone’s favorite, City Spud to preform an hour-long show in Blueberry Hill’s Duck Room venue.

In a somewhat related, not really, but sorta related, story a day later, Nelly Furtado showed up on time to her brand new star being added to Canda’s Walk of Fame. How nice of her! We’re sure she’s busy, has things to do, but she made it work for her native land. How polite of herrrr.

via STLToday