Rams Beat Chargers to Even Record

The Rams beat the Chargers at home Sunday to pull to an unlikely 3 – 3 record. KMOV had the game for a change and pretty much pissed themselves with an overly-excited post-game show so that was “fun”. In the kinda way that watching a retarded kid get excited about tater tots is fun for a second and then you are like “Dude, calm the hell down. They are just tater tots. There’s like a 5 lbs bag in the freezer. Sweet god no one tell this kid about ketchup!”

Here are few headlines that we’ve seen or assume are out there:

  1. The Rams shock the Chargers
  2. Shockingly Rams take it to the Chargers
  3. Grounded Rams Manage to Defuse Charger Offense
  4. The Rams Prove Insulated to Chargers Electric Offense
  5. The Name Chargers Relates Well to Electricity Puns