Nelly Finally Presented with Loop Walk of Fame Star

Yes, Nelly has had a star on the Delmar Loop’s Walk of Fame for some time now (his start debuted in 2006), but apparently it meant nothing since the man himself had never yet been “presented” with it. Apparently this star was really important to him, but not enough to take 5 minutes to shake Look Godfather Joe Edwards’ hand sometime during the last four years. This all seems pretty stupid to make a big deal about his “induction” in to the Walk of Fame now, but we’ll concede that he did eventually give a crap enough to make an appearance for his hometown fans at some point and…what? [Read More]

Exploring the Urinal Art at Blueberry Hill

Exploring the Urinal Art at Blueberry Hill
We can’t speak on the details of the little girl’s room at St. Louis favorite Blueberry Hill, but in the Dude’s Room, they have these awesome pieces of wood where you are free to draw anything you want, or if you prefer, just try to inspect while you are giving back that beer you just bought. I thought it would be fun to snap a photo [Editor’s Note: This is the first time I’ve taken photos in the boy’s room, I swear! [Read More]

Go to Blueberry Hill Today For The Gettysburger!


Joe Edwards, Loop Godfather and owner of Blueberry Hill has decided to celebrate Abe Lincoln’s 200th birthday by sticking a flag in to his already amazing burger and call it the Gettysburger!  For an added touch, the burger also comes with a copy of the Gettysburg Address, because why not right?

We had one earlier today and it was of course great.