Exploring the Urinal Art at Blueberry Hill

We can’t speak on the details of the little girl’s room at St. Louis favorite Blueberry Hill, but in the Dude’s Room, they have these awesome pieces of wood where you are free to draw anything you want, or if you prefer, just try to inspect while you are giving back that beer you just bought.

I thought it would be fun to snap a photo [Editor’s Note: This is the first time I’ve taken photos in the boy’s room, I swear!] and take a closer look.  Get a real feel for the art work of St. Louis’ one handed artists.

Here is what you see if you are rocking one of the urinals at Blueberry Hill, see if you can find anything interesting in there…


If you take a closer look, like we did with some of the amazing, Bat Cave-level image analyzing tools we have here at Punching Kitty HQ, here’s what we found:


Pretty damn amazing huh?!  I know we were shocked by that Mona Lisa.  Really nice work being has he had to keep the aim going the whole time.

Such amazing work hanging mere feet from a constant stream of piss!  I wonder what they do with these things with they are “full”?